• Logisoft ™ Operation Management

    Logisoft operation management provides full fledge system for all type of transport operations. It includes Documents , GR, Loading, Dispatch, TT, TAT & TITO, Unloading POD, Load Transfer, Accident & Insurance Claim Management.
  • Logisoft ™ Maintenance

    Logisoft maintenance management provides all type maintenance & stock. It includes schedule maintenance through exclusive checklist for proactive repair. It is multi branch/depot stock & maintenance management. This module also includes outsourced repair along with in house repair.
  • Logisoft ™ Tyre Management

    Logisoft tyre management provides all types of tyre management. Transporter incures System records complete life cycle i.e. New/Chassis tyre, Tyre Rotation, Tyre Side Change KM Running, Resoling, installing on other vehicle Tyre claim management etc.